in Miskolc-Lillafüred, October 3-7, 2016. Hungary,

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SESSION 1: Advanced Materials for Bio- and Medical Applications

The application of micro- and nanostructured metals, alloys, ceramics, polymers, composites and coatings are more and more important in dentistry, surgery and remedy. Depending on applications in some cases the operational characteristics of medical ceramics are better than of metals or alloys, while in other cases polymers are better than ceramics. Generally all materials and coatings used for bio- and medical applications should have chemical, biological and mechanical characteristics for best matching to the body organ or to section of bone tissue in accordance with their clinical consumption.

The aims of this session are bring together the material scientists, medics, surgeons, biologists, chemists, physicists, researchers and engineers to discuss about the new achievements and key areas of bio- and medical materials development and their applications. Special interests are the usage of ceramics, composites, glasses, metal alloys, polymers and textiles with nanoparticles and nano-coatings  as biomaterials and new knowledge about their applications in traumatology and orthopaedics, cardiology, gastrointestinal surgery, dentistry and maxillofacial surgery.



Session Chairs


Prof. Reiner GADOW

University of Stuttgart

Stuttgart, Germany

E-mail: Rainer.Gadow@IFKB.Uni-stuttgart.de


MD. Prof. Aleksandr L. URAKOV

academician of the Russian
Academy of Natural Sciences,
honored inventor of the Russian Federation

Izhevsk State Medical Academy

Izhevsk,  Russia

E-mail: urakoval@live.ru



Prof. Ki Tae NAM

Seoul National University

Seoul, Korea

E-mail: nkitae@snu.ac.kr


Proposed Session Topics


The SESSION is focusing but not limited on the following topics:

  • Development and modification of precursors
  • Metals, alloys and their medical applications
  • Ceramics, ceramic fibres and composites and their bio- and medical applications
  • Polymers and textiles and their bio and medical applications
  • Advantages of polymer and ceramic coatings
  • Porous and functional ceramics in medicine
  • Microstructural, mechanical, physical and chemical investigations
  • Behaviors of materials under medical applications
  • Aplications  -  methods and technics
  • Simulation, modeling and characterization of materials and applications
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