in Miskolc-Lillafüred, October 3-7, 2016. Hungary,

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SESSION 10: Minerals for Environmental and Medical Application

In the last decade, the basic characteristics of minerals such as surface adsorption, crystallographic defects, ionic and cationic exchange capacities, physical and chemical properties at nanometre scale as well as mineralogical-biological interactions have been object of a great scientific interest aimed to their application both for medical uses and a safer environment. Clay minerals and zeolites, for instance, have been investigated as drug carriers, antimicrobial agents, natural sieving for radionuclides and heavy metals, and so on. This session will pinpoint the recent research on minerals and synthetic crystalline as well as proto-crystalline materials, including geopolymers, for environmental and medical applications- It will provide a forum to stimulate and promote a discussion both on their effects upon human health and the role they play in toxic element immobilization and radioactive waste management



Session Chair


Prof. Dr. Saverio FIORE

National Research Council of Italy

Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis

Lab. Environmental & Medical Geology

Tito Scalo (PZ),  Italy

E-mail: saverio.fiore@cnr.it


Prof. Dr. Olga KOTOVA

Russian Academy of Science, Ural Department

Institute of Geology of Komi Science Center,

Syktyvkar, 167982,  Russia

E-mail:  Kotova@geo-komisc.ru



Session Topics


Physical and cristallographic properties of minerals and their characteristics

Chemical and mechanochemical properties of minerals

Surface properties and characteristics of minerals

Ionic and cationic exchange capacities of minerals

Mineralogical and biological interaction

Medical application of minerals

Minerals as drug carriers

Minerals as antimicrobal agents

Minerals and helth and environment

Minerals as natural sievings

Minerals in nuclead wastes repository

Computational modelling and simulations of minerals in environmental applications

Computational modelling and simulations of minerals in medical applications

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