in Miskolc-Lillafüred, October 3-7, 2016. Hungary,

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SESSION 11: Nanomaterials for Environment and Health

The aim of the session is to discuss the key areas in materials science and engineering based on the health and environmental applications of nanomaterials. The scientific development reached during the XXth century has allowed to understand and to study the reasons of the useful and peculiar properties of nanomaterials, directly related to their colloidal size and crystalline structure. These properties are translated in a high specific surface area, optimal rheological properties and/or excellent adsorptive capacity; everything makes nanomaterials  very useful for a wide range of applications. In the field of health, nanomaterials are used in Pharmaceutical Technology and Dermopharmacy as ideal excipients and substances of suitable biological activity due to their chemical inertness and low or null toxicity for the patient

Furthermore, some nanomaterials are used for adsorption of chemical contaminants whose colloidal properties, ease of generating structural changes, abundance in nature, and low cost make them very suitable for this kind of applications. There are different materials used in the adsorption and immobilization of chemical contaminants, most of whom remain under patent, so they do not know the procedures and products used, but in all cases the safety and/or biodegradability of materials used is an important issue in their choice for environmental applications.

This session will provide an open forum for researchers from around the world to discuss recent advances in novel health and environmental applications of nanomaterials


Session Chair


Dr. Ludmila N. GOMZE

IGREX Engineering Service Ltd.

Igrici,  Hungary

E-mail: tgrex@freemail.hu     



Tampere University of Technology

Tampere,  Finland

E-mail: saara.heinonen@tut.fi


Session Topics


Nanomaterials in antiinflammatory therapy
Nanomaterials and their beneficial effects upon skin
Nanomaterials and their beneficial effects upon cancer therapy
Nanomaterials as biosensors
Nanomaterials in prevention of public health
Nanomaterials in environmental technologies
Nanomaterials in health and environmental education

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