in Miskolc-Lillafüred, October 3-7, 2016. Hungary,

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SESSION 12: Novel Synthesis and Processing Technology

The aim of the session is to discuss the key areas in materials science and engineering based on physics, physical chemistry and condensed matter chemistry for application of fundamental and applied researches from every aspects. The emphasis will be put on new materials, which are crucial interest of modern sciences and technologies which have been achieved recently using different nonconventional methods for synthesis and processing of materials and provided designing of new improvement of the existing materials. Latest methods for preparation of powders and compact materials with various complex structures will be discussed.

This session will provide an open forum for researchers from around the world to discuss recent advances in novel synthesis and processing technology. New developments, fundamental and novel aspects of processing methods, new applications as well as characterisation and evaluation of achieved processing technology and materials are particularly emphasized.



Session Chairs


Prof. Sergei N. KULKOV

Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science – SB RAS;

Tomsk State University

Tomsk, Russia

E-mail: kulkov@ms.tsc.ru



Dr. Takeshi TOYAMA

Department of Materials and Applied Chemistry

College of Science and Technology

Nihon University

Tokyo, Japan

E-mail: touyama.takeshi@nihon-u.ac.jp



Proposed  Session Topics

Different processes for powder consolidation

Synthesis via reaction in solid, liquid and gaseous phase

Sol-gel method

Plasma and laser processing and ion implantation


Synthesis and processing of materials under extreme conditions

Applications of materials in high technologies

Characterization of materials and processes

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