in Miskolc-Lillafüred, October 3-7, 2016. Hungary,

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SESSION 15: Processing, Properties and Applications of Ceramics

The development and usage of ceramics and ceramic reinforced composite materials are one of the most rapidly growing sector of materials science and competitive technologies. The development and production of traditional ceramics like tableware or building materials are based on clays and containing clay minerals. The discipline of clay ceramics engineering has made significant progress in colloid science, powder processing and thermal and structural transformations during the sintering of a large variety of materials. The availability of clay and mineral materials to meet increased requirements for better thermal, mechanical and chemical properties is the key to emerging technologies. For example the halloysite nanotubes can be a promising material for drog delivery. At the same time the “traditional” oxide ceramics like SiO2, Al2O3, MgO, TiO2, ZrO2, SiAlON and their composites can also find new and new applications in industry. In our days the development and usage of carbides and carbons, nitrides and borides and other non-oxide ceramic materials are one of the most rapidly growing sector both of materials science and innovative technologies. In comparison to conventional processes their preparations and tests have attracted considerable interest among the scientists, engineers and technologists.

This session will provide an open forum for researchers and engineers from around the world to discuss recent achievements and advances in researches of ceramics and ceramic based materials. New developments, fundamental and novel aspects of processing methods, new applications as well as characterisation and evaluation of these materials are particularly emphasized.


Session Chairs



ENSCI, Limoges University

Limoges, France

E-maile: nicolas.tessier-doyen@unilim.fr


Dr. Mária MAROS B.

University of Miskolc

Miskolc, Hungary

E-mail: maria.maros@uni-miskolc.hu


Session Topics


Clays and mineral materials for ceramics and engineering;

Innovative applications of clay and mineral materials;

Sintering of clay and mineral materials compacts;

Oxide and non-oxide ceramics - processing, properties and applications

Ceramic based and ceramic reinforced composite materials

Thermal and structural transformations during firing;

Microstructure-properties correlation,

New processing techniques;

Application of ceramics and ceramic reinforced composites

Testing and characterization of materials and processes

Computational modeling and simulation

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