in Miskolc-Lillafred, October 3-7, 2016. Hungary,

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SESSION 16: Testing and Characterization of Materials – Methods, Equipment and Errors

There are several methods and equipment for the measurement and characterizaton of  the chemical and mineralogical  composition, nano-, micro- and macro-structures, as well as physical, optical, magnetic, electrical, chemical, thermal, mechanical  usually interdependent properties of materials. Moreover, each sample has particular structures and characteristics. Hence, different uncertainty budgets have to be considered  in the measurements of properties of mostly unknown samples. Each experimental approach and instrumental set-up is possibly subjected to more or less serious problems that can bias the measurement results and thus their accurate interpretation. A better awareness of possible uncertainty components associated with the methodology and equipment used would improve the quality of studies.

The session provides a platform and is of interest not only for scientists, researchers, PhD students and engineers in the field of material testing, characterization and measurement in a wide range of academic disciplines (physics, chemistry, mathe-matics and engineering) but also for equipment users and developers.


Session Chairs


Dr. Uwe BECK

Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing

Berlin, Germany

E-mail: uwe.beck@bam.de


Prof. Sergei N. KULKOV

Tomsk State University

Tomsk, Russia

E-mail: kulkov@ispms.tsc.ru


Session Topics

This session is focused but not limited on the following topics:


Material testing methods and their applications

Relationship between measurement methods and properties of the tested materials

Measurement methods and environmental dependence, short- vs. long-term behavior

Optical and related techniques for non-destructive evaluation of material properties

X-ray diffraction and related techniques for evaluation of material compositions

Mechanical and related techniques for destructive evaluation of material properties

Relationship between measurement methods and associated uncertainty budgets

Equipment based on different measurement methods: reliability, precision, accuracy

Evaluation of uncertainty components in measurements of material properties

Mathematical methods, computer-based simulation and data processing

Effect of measurement in mechanical, mathematical and computer modelling and simulation of physical and chemical properties of tested materials

All those papers which are focusing on measurement methods, equipment and uncertainty budgets are welcome to this session

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