in Miskolc-Lillafüred, October 3-7, 2016. Hungary,

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SESSION 17: Mechanical Properties and Processing Technology of Advanced Materials

The aim of the session is to discuss the physical properties and characteristics of engineering materials in mechanical science field based on advanced processing technology for application of fundamental and applied researches.

This session will provide an open forum for researchers from around the world to discuss recent advances in mechanical deformation and flow behavior of solid/fluid materials and processing technology. New developments, fundamental and application of processing and measurement methods, as well as characterization and evaluation of engineering materials are emphasized.



Session Chairs


Prof. Shigeru NAGASAWA

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Nagaoka University of Technology;

Niigata, Japan

E-mail: snaga@mech.nagaokaut.ac.jp


Prof. Sergei N. KULKOV

Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science – SB RAS;

Tomsk State University

Tomsk, Russia

E-mail: kulkov@ms.tsc.ru


Prof. László A. GÖMZE

Materials Research and Development Division

IGREX Engineering Service Ltd

Igrici, Hungary

E-mail: cmtp.conf@gmail.com


Proposed  Session Topics

Rheology and plasticity of solid/fluid materials

Breaking and delamination

Strength of materials, Fatigue and Fracture

Welding and Joining

Plastics processing such as injection molding

Application of acoustic emission of materials

Advanced measurement and characterization of mechanical properties


Other mechanical and material problems not limited to above mensioned keywords


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