in Miskolc-Lillafüred, October 3-7, 2016. Hungary,

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SESSION 3: Advanced Nanomaterials with Predesigned Properties

The domain of materials science and engineering related to nanostructures and their

practical importance has been intensively explored over the last decade. It is unquestionable today that in some applications the nanostructures can dramatically improve or modify materials properties, such as mechanical strength, diffusivity, electrical conductivity, etc. The most striking effects are reported in the transport properties of materials for energy harvesting and storage, catalytic activity, optical and mechanical properties. The envisaged applications range from super-hard coatings, through materials for electrochemical devices to novel catalysts or display systems. Successful implementation of the nano-structured materials is dependent on the availability of knowledge-based, reproducible and cost-effective production processes.

The aim of this session is to bring together the scientists with expertise in the manufacturing and characterization of nanostructures contributing to more efficient performance of device components, and to enable exchange of ideas in the multidisciplinary environment.



Session Chairs


Prof. Leonid KOTOV

Syktyvkar State University

Syktyvkar, Russia

E-mail: kotovln@mail.ru



Session Topics


The session is focusing but not limited on the following topics:

Bulk nanostructured materials

- Nanostructured metals, polymers, ceramics, alloys, composites and


- light-weight dispersion-strengthened materials

- nanostructured thermoelectrics and devices

Interfacial materials

- nanocomposites in batteries

- intermetallic hydrogen storage systems

Nanostructured surface layers

- nanolaminate/nanocomposite coatings

- heterogenous nanocatalysts


Simulation, modeling and characterization of nanomaterials and structures

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