in Miskolc-Lillafüred, October 3-7, 2016. Hungary,

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SESSION 6: Hetero-Modulus and Hybrid Materials

The engineering decisions, constructions and technology processes very often require materials with peculiar crystalline, nano- and microstructures, capable to work in complex physical, mechanical, chemical, thermal or biological environments. Among the major fields of interest are hetero-modulus materials and hybrid materials, which have several values of Young’s module, dynamic viscosity and /or plasticity. This kind of composite materials have good ability to absorb and dissipate the elastic energy during crack propagation and better resistance to fatigue damages. The applications of hybrid and hetero-modulus materials are encountered in sectors like electronics, energy, space, aerospace, automotive and marine industries, etc.

This session provides a platform among leading international scientists, researchers,  engineers and PhD students for discussing recent achievements in research and development of material structures of hybrid and hetero-modulus composite materials prepared from organic and inorganic materials, nano-materials, metals, alloys, ceramics, glasses, films and coatings, polymers, textiles, biomaterials … etc.


Session Chairs


Prof. Dr. Tohru SEKINO

Osaka University,

Osaka,  Japan

E-mail: sekino@sanken.osaka-u.ac.jp


Prof. Dr. László A. GÖMZE

University of Miskolc


E-mail: femgomze@uni-miskolc.hu



Session Topics


Morphology and material-structures of hetero-modulus materials

Relationship between material-structures and properties of hetero-modulus materials

Morphology and material-structures of hybrid materials

Relationship between material-structures and properties of hybrid materials

Metal-metal hetero-modulus materials and composites

Carbon-metal hetero-modulus and hybrid materials

Metal-ceramic hetero-modulus materials and composites

Ceramic-ceramic hetero-modulus materials and composites

Ceramic-metal-polymer hybrid materials

Nano-structured hetero-modulus materials and composites

Functional hybrid materials

Other hybrid and hetero-modulus materials

Modeling, simulation and application

Testing and characterization

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