in Miskolc-Lillafüred, October 3-7, 2016. Hungary,

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SESSION 9: Membranes and Catalysts

Membrane and catalyst materials have drawn the world attention especially in the separation technology field due to their high efficiencies, and separation levels, low-energy consumptions and the small sizes take them in an industrial plant. Their importance is also related to possible applications which are: water and wastewater treatment, chemical, metallurgical, automotive and petrochemical-related industries, food industries and bio-separation areas. Moreover, besides separation field, membrane materials and technology are often related to the fuel production, since a membrane is one of the components of direct methanol fuel cells.

Hence the science, technology and application of membranes and catalists are an area in continuous investigation. This session aims to present recent researches related to the advances in this area. It will be a great opportunity for an exchange the knowledge and experiment between engineers, researchers and scientists working in testing, development and production of membranes and catalysts around the World.


Session Chair


The CHAIRS of this session will be selected from its KEYNOTE and/or ORAL speakers at the end of August, 2016.



Session Topics


The SESSION focusing but not limited on the following topics:

Polymer, ceramic and metal membranes and catalysts

Requirements and characterization of the used raw materials

Preparation methods and technologies

The use of nanotechnology in membrane and catalyst science

Membrane characterization

Catalyst characterization

Morphology and property


Performance tests and calculations

Direct methanol fuel cells

            Computational modeling and simulation of the properties and applications

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